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Collegium: Faith and Intellectual Life

The Collegium summer colloquy developed in response to the long-standing concern among educators and church leaders for the future prospects of the religious identity of the many Catholic colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Catholic institutions have found it increasingly difficult to uphold their faith-based mission statements and identify, recruit, and develop new faculty who can both articulate and expand the vision of the Catholic intellectual tradition. Collegium, a national organization of Catholic colleges and universities, was founded in 1992 to respond to these challenges.

The University of Portland Faith and Intellectual Life discussion group is a grassroots effort to foster interdisciplinary discussions of ideas that matter and enjoy camaraderie from several disciplines and units on campus. Readings this year will center on the environment and humanities--all disciplinary perspectives on these broad questions add richly to the conversation! Readings are available as electronic reserves in Clark Library and future readings will be decided upon by the group.

For additional information about the Collegium, please visit the Collegium site.