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Untethered Lecture Capture

During the 2017/18 academic year the Provost’s Office partnered with Academic Technology Services and Innovation (ATSI), the Office of the CIO, and the School of Nursing to offer resources and ongoing support for successful implementation of Untethered Lecture Capture (ULC) to enhance student learning.

Photo of iPad

Untethered Lecture Capture, or ULC for short, leverages technology to transform your teaching with 21st-century technology, sound multimedia instructional principles, active learning in the classroom, and access to personalized multimedia learning resources for your students.

At its core, ULC combines two pre-existing ideas—that a teacher can move freely about the classroom while using instructional media to teach ("untethered") and that instruction is recorded and made available for students to review afterward ("lecture capture").

Instructors use an iPad along with wireless display technology to untether from the podium. They can use the iPad to zoom, annotate, highlight, and signal important information. The iPad screen and lecture audio is recorded and made available as a video after class.

  • By teaching untethered, an instructor can deliver more engaging and active learning experiences.
  • By utilizing principles of multimedia instruction, student understanding and retention can be improved.
  • Because lessons are recorded, students can worry less about taking notes and more about engaging with the material.
  • Students can personalize their study of the lecture videos and revisit material to review and rehearse as needed.

2017/18 ULC Project By the Numbers

  • 27 University of Portland faculty members representing nine different disciplines.
  • 17 official ULC project faculty members plus two academic technology support staff.
  • 1,006 students taught via ULC instructional strategies during fall 2017 (n=338) and spring 2018 (n=668)
  • 776 Lecture Capture video assets created during fall 2017 (n=231) and spring 2018 (n=545)
  • 16,330 Lecture Capture video views during fall 2017 (n=5,665) and spring 2018 (n=10,665)

Highlights from the 2017/18 ULC project


Getting Started

Faculty will need an iPad compatible with the Apple Pencil or Microsoft Surface and Surface Pen to fully adopt the ULC model in their classroom. Note: the ULC model and associated professional development have been designed using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and this is the preferred setup for best results. If you are interested in using ULC in your courses and would like information on ordering equipment and setting up one-on-one instruction to help you get started, please contact