Now Live! from KDUP

After a tumultuous few years, UP’s beloved radio station is back on the air. The joyous occasion sent us to the archives in search of its compelling history.

  • Story by Rachel Rippetoe


The Empire of the Ants

They might make you wriggle and squirm, but three UP scientists are here to tell you that these remarkable critters are worth looking at under a microscope.

  • Story by Cheston Knapp


A Holy Calling

A UP professor looks at her career (and beyond) through the eyes and inspiration of Saint Hildegard of Bingen.

  • Story by Karen Eifler

Editor's Highlight

“But through lightning strikes, fires, FCC complaints, various venue changes, and technology mishaps, KDUP has survived and remained integral to campus, even when no one was actually listening.” - Jeromy Koffler, Director of Student Activities, from "Now Live! from KDUP"


An Inventor’s Paradise

The Shiley-Marcos Center for Design & Innovation has only been open and operational for one semester, but this awe-inspiring space, along with the awe-inspiring minds inside it, have already made new things possible on The Bluff.

  • Story by Jessica Murphy Moo


The Dancing Engineer

A UP alum found she could pursue both of her passions beyond The Bluff.

  • Story by Emily Nelson

On the Bluff

The AI Challenge to Student Writing

In February, leaders at University of Portland hosted a panel discussion “The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence & Ethics” and heard from UP faculty and industry experts from the region.

  • Story by Sarah Weiger

On the Bluff


As the top hitter in Pilots’ baseball history, Jake Holcroft ’22 ’24 is a leader on and off the diamond.

  • Story by ‎Corey Brock