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Membership and Access

University of Portland Students in good standing and paid for current semester receive free access to the Beauchamp Recreation and Wellness Center (BRWC).

University of Portland Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Staff, Emeritus/Retired Faculty, and Holy Cross members receive free access to the BRWC.

Guest policies

  • University of Portland Students, Faculty and Staff may purchase a Spouse/Registered domestic partner pass for $120/semester. Spouses need to obtain an ID from Campus Safety to purchase a membership.
  • Students on-leave may purchase a membership for the semester of leave to access the BRWC for $120/semester.
  • University of Portland Students, Faculty, Staff, Emeritus/Retired Faculty, and Holy Cross members may pay for a guest to use the BRWC with them in accordance with the BRWC Guest Pass Policy.
  • User entrance and exit point in BRWC is via the front doors facing Portsmouth Blvd. All other doors are emergency exits. 
  • Outer doors to the Beauchamp Center require card key access.  After entering the facility, users must check in with their UP I.D. at the front desk. Users with active memberships are allowed two courtesy accesses during the semester if they do not have their I.D. card with them. Patrons will be denied access the third time without their I.D., until they bring their I.D. card.
Guest Policy
  • Students, Faculty and Staff are permitted to purchase a guest pass for $8.00 per day.  The guest must be at least 18 years old.
  • Guests are limited to 5 visits per month.
  • Members who sponsor guest are limited to 2 guests per visit, and must be in the facility for the duration of their visit.
  • The guest agrees to comply with University of Portland and BRWC policies. Sponsor is accountable for the behavior of their guest, and is responsible for any damages to equipment or the facility, and for injuries to facility users that result from actions by guest.
  • Guests must present a current form of photo identification (Driver’s License, Passport, University ID) to BRWC staff, who will record necessary information.
  • Guests may not check out BRWC equipment.
  • Guests may not use the climbing wall area or participate in fitness classes unless a special program for guests is being held in one of those areas.
  • BRWC staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to guests or sponsors if they appear to be under the influence of intoxicants or may pose a safety threat to facility users.
  • Closed-toed shoes are required at all times.
  • Unaltered, appropriate athletic clothing required at all times, eg., shirts, shorts must not have parts cut out.
  • Gaping tank-tops/muscle tanks are not permitted.  Tank-top arm holes must reach the armpit. 
  • Jeans and other pants with rivets are not allowed.  Belts are not allowed.

Patrons who do not adhere to policies related to attire, will be asked to make the necessary changes and will be asked to leave if they do not.  Staff will document the violation.

Safety & Etiquette
  • Talking on cell phones is not allowed in work-out areas.
  • Spotting is recommended for all overhead lifts.
  • Backpacks and gear not immediately in use are not allowed in the weight room.
  • Recreational Services is not responsible for personal belongings. Please lock personal items in a locker. Day-use and semester lockers are available.
  • Share weight equipment and allow others to work in between sets.
  • Food and soda are not allowed in the facility.  Water and sports drinks only.
  • Patrons are required to clean workout equipment and/or machines after each use with the cleaning wipes or towels provided.
  • Personal audio may only be listed to with headhones or earbuds.  Speakers or not allowed.
  • Personal mats are required for yoga classes.  No loaners are available.
Equipment Rental
  • Patrons with an active membership may rent BRWC sports equipment from the front desk.
  • All equipment must remain in the BRWC throughout use unless it is designated as an outdoor rental item.
  • Users must return all equipment to the front desk the same day it is checked out, unless arranged ahead of time.  Late return fees of $5 per day apply.
  • If equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, patron will be charged the full replacement value. Equipment is considered lost if it is not returned within 5 days of the check-out date.
Locker & Towel Service 
  • Please secure personal items in a locker. Day-use and semester lockers are available. Recreational Services is not responsible for personal belongings of patrons.
  • Day-use lockers are free of charge. They should be cleared by closing each day. BRWC will remove all items not cleared by days end and take them to Campus Safety.
  • Personal lockers for students, faculty and staff are available to rent. Small lockers are $30/semester, medium lockers are $40/semester, and large lockers are $60/semester.  Large locker rentals are limited to faculty and staff use.
  • BRWC will email locker customers toward the end of each semester to request renewal of lockers or clearance by a deadline.
  • After the locker clearance deadline, BRWC staff will remove locker items, bag & tag them and take them to Campus Safety. Campus Safety will donate items not picked up within 7 days.
  • Towel service is included with locker rentals. Towel users should return them to the front desk after use. Patrons may only take one large at a time.
  • Towels are available to rent (without locker service) and must be returned to the front desk after use.
  • Hand towels are available for patrons throughout the facility to absorb sweat and to clean machines after use.
Weight Room 
  • All workout areas involve risk. Patrons should use their judgment and consider consulting a doctor if they have any doubt that they are physically able to take part in activities.  Some areas of the Recreation Center involve additional risk due to the equipment or type of activity.  Users should ask for help and attend training and orientation sessions if available to learn proper technique and safety.
  • Use proper technique and spotters when necessary. Check the area before beginning lifts to ensure that if you cannot control the weight, yourself and other users are not at risk of injury.
  • Patrons must exercise sound judgment while using the BRWC weight room.
  • Free weights may not be moved out of the weight room at any time.
  • Spotting is recommended for all overhead lifts.
  • Lifts that involve dropping the bar from above shoulder height are impermissible.

Patrons who do not adhere to policies related to the weight room will be asked to exit the weight room by BRWC staff.  If patrons continue to dismiss weight room policies in future visits, BRWC staff will suspend or revoke access.

Fitness Classes
  • Students, Faculty and Staff must register to participate in fitness classes at the BRWC. Registration is accepted online at recservices.up.edu or at the front desk. 
  • Students are not permitted to attend “Faculty/Staff” classes at 12:05pm.
  • Classes are open to spouse/partner members if space is available after student/faculty/staff registration.  Guests may attend if room is available after above users.
Climbing Wall
  • Bouldering-  Patrons with an active membership must attend a Climbing Wall Orientation and sign a waiver prior to participating. Bouldering may take place whenever the facility is open, unless otherwise posted.  It is recommended that users have a spotter when bouldering.
  • Use of the climbing wall for top roping is limited to staffed hours.
  • The Climbing Wall is only available to patrons with an active membership, and only after completing the Climbing Wall Orientation.  Guests are not permitted to use the wall.
  • Top Rope/Belay-  Patrons with an active membership must complete the Belay Orientation, pass the Belay test, and sign a waiver. Belaying is only permitted during Open Belay hours when a climbing attendant is on duty.  Auto-belays may be used by those who have taken proper orientation session, whenever the Facility is open.
  • Climbing shoes are required and available at no charge. Climbing shoes must be returned immediately after use.
  • No bags, books, food or drink is allowed in the climbing wall area.
  • Loose chalk is not permitted. Please use a chalk ball.
  • Climbers may use their own equipment (harness, shoes, belay device and carabineer) after UP Climbing Staff has inspected it.

Patrons who disregard policies related to the climbing wall will be asked to exit the climbing wall area and climbing privileges may be suspended or permanently revoked.

Intramural Sports
  • Current students, faculty and staff in good standing are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. Friends, guests, spouses and alumni are not eligible.
  • Intercollegiate athletes are not eligible to participate in the same or similar sport until one year has passed after their last practice or game with the NCAA team. If a year has passed they must play in the highest level of the sport. They count toward the maximum number of club players on a team.
  • Former professional athletes are not eligible to participate in the same or similar sport unless permission is granted by the Intramural Sports Director.
  • Participants are responsible to learn and abide by the eligibility & playing rules for each sport they play in. Special rules apply to sport club members who play intramural sports.
  • Players who exhibit poor behavior may be suspended from participation pending outcome of meeting with the Director of Recreational Services. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive or violent contact, verbal abuse of players or officials, fighting, multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, cheating, playing as an ineligible player or destructive actions toward equipment, facility, staff or players.
  • A player suspension applies to all intramural sports during the suspension.
  • Players are subject to facility policies such as dress code, ID requirement, and conduct.
  • Captains are responsible for sharing information from Captains Meetings and emails with members of team.
  • Captains are responsible for the behavior of their players and fans during games.
  • Additional Intramural Sports policies and sport rules are available at imleagues.com in the University of Portland section.

Facility Reservations and Policies

Beauchamp Center
  • Groups larger than 8 must reserve an area within the BRWC prior to use.
  • All outside event registrations/requests should be made through the University Events Office.
  • Sport club reservations are managed by the Director of Recreational Services. 
Franz Field
  • Priority order for use is Intramural Sports, Club Sports, student groups, Athletics
  • Reservations are required for use.
  • No bikes, animals or food allowed.
  • Appropriate shoes/cleans with clean soles required.
  • Cars must be parked in the parking lot, and not along the rode next to the field, which is a fire lane.
Prusynski Pitch (artificial turf soccer field)
  • Priority order for use is Athletics, Intramural Sports, Club Sports, student groups
  • Reservations are required for use.
  • No bikes, animals or food allowed.
  • Appropriate shoes/cleans with clean soles required.
Shipstad Quad
  • No cleats allowed.
  • Use priority is Intramural Sports and then drop-in use.

If you have a disability and require accommodation in order to fully participate in any of our activities, please contact the director of recreational services at 503.943.7177.