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Green Dot

Green Dot is an anti-violence initiative aimed at preventing the travesty of power-based personal violence. In a world where domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, bullying, and other forms of violence are represented by red dots spreading across a map like an epidemic, a green dot represents that same moment in time, but rather than an act of violence, it represents an action someone takes to prevent the violence from occurring . Whether through direct involvement, delegating the situation to someone else, or distracting the occurrence, if we all do our part, we can reduce the number of people who are getting hurt. 

To get involved, nominate a social leader, or request a presentation/training, please email or complete this short form:
Green Dot Nomination Form.

Map of campus with green and red dots; link to Green Dot videos

The Three D's

Direct - icon of person standing still

Get involved in the situation. This includes actions such as directly speaking with the potential victim and/or perpetrator, checking in with someone who is struggling, and being a designated driver.

"Hey, I've noticed things have been rough with your partner lately and I'm worried about you."

Delegate - icon of one person pointing something out to another

Find someone else better equipped to diffuse or stop the situation. Delegation could come in the form of calling the police, getting your loud, extroverted friend involved, or speaking to a staff or faculty member.

Knock on the RA's door and tell them about your roommate who hasn't left their room out of fear of running into their ex.

Distract - icon of a person pointing up and away from himself

Exactly what it sounds like; create a distraction so the red dot does not occur. Your creativity is the limit, but this can include such things as asking one of the people to dance, spilling a drink on someone involved, or acting more drunk than you are and asking your friend to take you home.

"Hey, do you two want to see how well I can juggle? I am super good at juggling."

Watch videos of these techniques being utilized on the UP campus!