Spring 2022

*The program counselors will be handling all registration changes, questions and issues. Please contact your program counselor regarding your schedule, changing classes, course approvals, etc.*

All currently enrolled matriculated students can register online with their alternate pin. Students can also bring their completed registration form to the Office of the Registrar or their designated school of major for processing. Registration forms are available in the main office of your school or the Office of the Registrar.  Please bring your signed registration form to our office (during or after your designated time) for assistance.   

Advance Registration is conducted according to your class year and by the first letter of your last name. Seniors register first, followed by juniors, then sophomores and first-year students. Students may register at the allotted time (by class year and alphabet) or later. Students must have their advisor sign and approve their registration form before being allowed to register.

Students, please view the Advance Registration Schedule on the Registrar-Student page in PilotsUP for specific dates and times. 

Faculty, please view the Advance Registration Schedule on the Registrar page in PilotsUP for specific dates and times.

Notes Regarding Advance Registration

  • Class standing is based on the number of semester credits already earned as of the day you register. It does not include those credits for which you are currently registered. Transfer work must be submitted and accepted prior to your registration period. Class standing is not based on what you will be next semester.  You are classified as a:
    • Freshman if you have earned less than 30 semester hours of credit
    • Sophomore if you have earned 30-59 semester hours of credit
    • Junior if you have earned 60-89 semester hours of credit
    • Senior if you have earned 90 or more semester hours of credit.
  • All students are expected to obtain the appropriate advisor signatures prior to being allowed to register.
  • Enrollment into a closed (full) course requires submission of a Closed Course Form along with the original registration form or drop/add form.   
  • Students may register at the allotted time or later.
  • Graduate students may register at any time during this period.
  • Non-matriculated students may begin registering the day after Advance Registration ends

Step-by-Step Registration Procedures