Parking and Commute Options | University of Portland

Parking and Commute Options

The University of Portland has a comprehensive transportation demand management program focusing on various forms of travel to the campus. The transit and travel options are available for faculty, staff, and students, as well as those visiting the University of Portland, as a tool to find the best fit for their commute or trip.

The University of Portland's wide variety of transportation options to our students, faculty and staff are an effort to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the campus keeping in line with the larger sustainability initiatives occurring at UP. This website is an aid for you in providing links to all the necessary information for getting around Portland without a car.

These links offer resources to help University of Portland community members find and utilize options for walking, biking, the UP Shuttle, mass transit, car-sharing, and ride-sharing as well as options for getting out of Portland on Amtrak or the airport.

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