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Find Your Admissions Counselor

photo of Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald, Dean of Admissions
503.943.7751 /

UP on gray background

Linda Cannard, Senior Associate Director of Transfer Admissions
503.943.7949 /

photo of Martin Williams

Martin Williams, Associate Director of Admissions
Northern California, Portland Area Catholic Schools
503.943.7761 /

photo of Tanya Wangsmo

Tanya Wangsmo, Associate Director of Operations
503.943.7764 /

photo of Matt Deschner

Matt Deschner, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Hawaii, Guam and the South Pacific, Nevada
503.943.7855 /

photo of Daniel Lyons

Daniel Lyons, Assistant Director of Admissions
Southern California, Seattle Area Catholic Schools
503.943.7767 /

photo of Cassy Esparza

 Cassy Esparza, Assistant Director of Admissions
Portland Public Schools, Portland Metro East, Portland Metro West, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Southern States, Diversity Recruitment and Community Partnerships
503.943.7768 /

photo of McKenzie Strickland

McKenzie Strickland, Admissions Counselor
Northwest Washington (north of Seattle), West of Seattle (Peninsula), Central Washington, Seattle Area Private Independent Schools, Eastern Washington, Arizona, Midwest States
503.943.8568 /

UP on gray background

Yollixpa Rios, Admissions Counselor
Seattle Area Public Schools, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia, Longview, Central Oregon, Eastern Oregon, Oregon Coast, Montana, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis, Southern Oregon, Portland Metro South
503.943.7766 /

photo of Julia Adams

Julia Adams, Admissions Counselor
Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Sacramento Area Public Schools, New England, Southwest Washington
503.943.7763 /

photo of Mike Pelley

Mike Pelley, Director of International Admissions
International admissions and foreign credential evaluator
503.943.7367 /

photo of Gwen Sandford

Gwen Sandford, Program Manager, International Admissions
International admissions and foreign credential evaluator
503.943.7367 /


Office of Admissions is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.