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Find Your Admissions Counselor

photo of Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald, Dean of Admissions
503.943.7751 /

UP on gray background

Linda Cannard, Senior Associate Director of Transfer Admissions
503.943.7949 /

photo of Martin Williams

Martin Williams, Associate Director of Admissions
Northern California, Portland Area Catholic Schools
503.943.7761 /

photo of Tanya Wangsmo

Tanya Wangsmo, Associate Director of Operations
Homeschooled Students
503.943.7764 /

photo of Matt Deschner

Matt Deschner, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Hawaii, Guam and the South Pacific, Nevada
503.943.7855 /

photo of Daniel Lyons

Daniel Lyons, Assistant Director of Admissions
Southern California, Seattle Area Catholic Schools
503.943.7767 /

photo of Jordan Zettle

Jordan Zettle, Admissions Counselor
Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia, Longview, Central Oregon, Eastern Oregon, Oregon Coast, Montana, Alaska
503.943.7766 /

photo of Cassy Esparza

Cassy Esparza, Admissions Counselor
Portland Metro East, Portland Metro West, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Southern States
503.943.7768 /

photo of McKenzie Strickland

McKenzie Strickland, Admissions Counselor
Northwest Washington (north of Seattle), West of Seattle (Peninsula), Central Washington, Eastern Washington, Arizona, Midwest States, Portland Metro South
503.943.8568 /

photo of Julia Adams

Julia Adams, Admissions Counselor
Salem, Eugene, Corvallis, Southern Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, Sacramento Area Public Schools, New England, Southwest Washington
503.943.7763 /

photo of Mike Pelley

Mike Pelley, Director of International Admissions
International admissions and foreign credential evaluator
503.943.7367 /

photo of Gwen Sandford

Gwen Sandford, Program Manager, International Admissions
International admissions and foreign credential evaluator
503.943.7367 /


Office of Admissions is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.