Strategic Planning 2021-22


As announced by Acting President & Provost Herbert A. Medina and Vice President for Financial Affairs Eric Barger, the University of Portland will engage in a strategic planning process during the 2021-22 Academic Year.

It is essential that UP's next strategic plan be grounded in the Catholic and Holy Cross mission of the University, build upon past successes (including those achieved in the last strategic plan), and aspire to achieve new goals. The new strategic plan will guide financial and and operational planning and will establish priorities in the University's decision-making. The plan must state what the University intends to accomplish in measurable terms, and outline a means to achieve its stated goals.

The Process

A Strategic Plan Steering Committee comprised of fifteen individuals from across the University has been constituted to determine the primary themes of the next strategic plan and shepherd the plan's development.

Throughout November of 2021, Committee members will host a series of Deliberate Dialogue sessions with University constituents to gather perspectives on themes and priorities that should appear in the strategic plan. The Committee will also consider feedback that is submitted via an online Community Feedback Form.

In early December of 2021, the Committee will assess the perspectives shared during the Deliberate Dialogue sessions and via the Feedback Form, perform additional research and ideation, and identify the main themes of the strategic plan and the goals associated with those themes. The Committee will offer an update to the University's Board of Regents at its January 2022 meeting.

In February and March of 2022, the Steering Committee will continue its efforts to refine and draft the plan. The Committee's proposed plan will be submitted to University leadership in April 2022 and presented to the Board of Regents for final approval in May 2022.

The Strategic Planning Website

Community members are encouraged to explore this website to learn more about the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, review relevant community messages, view a schedule of upcoming Deliberate Dialogue sessions, and contribute their own perspectives via an online Community Feedback Form.