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Student Packages Received or in Transit

Personal items already shipped by students to the University of Portland may be held at our campus Printing/Mailing facility. By request, packages containing books and other materials needed for coursework will be sent to the students’ current address, with shipping costs covered by the University of Portland. Other items can be held in storage until the spring semester, returned to sender, or shipped to your current address using a prepaid shipping label.

For questions or additional information, please contact Mary Scroggins or Cathy Kelley at 

This pertains only to items that were received or in transit prior to the announcement of online classes. This message does not apply to packages received after August 14.



Printing and Mailing Services is located in Tyson Hall on the corner of Monteith and Warren.

Due to Covid, we only accept credit/debit cards at this time. 

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