Steve Moore, PhD | University of Portland

Steve Moore, PhD

Steve Moore, Ph.D. had banked a quarter-century of rewarding experiences as an educator and senior college administrator when, in 2006, the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust sought his unique blend of leadership, vision, collaboration and team building for its chief executive officer role. The Vancouver, Washington-based trust welcomed his creativity in not only its grantmaking, but also in developing stellar enrichment programming for Northwest nonprofits and a deep commitment “to see the fruits of our work grow on other people’s trees.” Moore recognized the work of the Trust sublimely intersected with four prominent streams of his life and career: to help leaders be their best, to bring forth great ideas to help the world flourish, to help young adults achieve the fullness of their lives, and to enhance the human experience through spiritual, intellectual, and relational formation. Recently retired after more than 16 years of impactful servant leadership as Murdock Trust CEO, Moore is gratified to see a familiar thread connecting his charitable work to his many decades of love, appreciation and devotion to higher education. Hailing from Texas, he discovered faith in college. After doing graduate work at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, he earned a Master of Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Philosophy from University of Michigan. He taught world religions and ethics while also serving as Vice President for Campus Life at Baylor University and Seattle Pacific University, and Senior Vice President at Asbury Theological Seminary. The journey taught him that institutions like University of Portland offer students a thoughtful, mission-oriented college experience rooted in a committed community. “It’s about the formation of people to live effective and purposeful lives that help them to give from their deepest strengths,” he says. “Faculty and staff become bridges over which truth and learning engages the lives of students. The ripple from that goes into the lives of families, the workplace, their communities and beyond.” Moore’s personal bridges of truth and love connect to his wife Thanne, their adult children and their spouses Madison and Chandi, Maegan and Jon, and Mollie. With five books and more than 40 articles under his authorship, Moore’s pearls of wisdom for college graduates include actively seeking out opportunities to learn and grow, and making time for service, international travel and, “to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength— and love your neighbor as yourself,” he says. “And learn to ask good questions. That will serve you throughout your life.”