University of Portland

Aimee Davidse

College of Arts & Sciences, Associate Director of Academic Counseling & Student Success Initiatives

Aimee Davidse



Buckley Center 201

Title IX Responsible Employee

Title IX Responsible Employees are required to report Title IX information to the Title IX Office. See our resources page for more information.


Aimee has been advising students in the College of Arts and Sciences since 1998, specializing with first-year, transfer students, athletes, and graduation for seniors. In addition to her advising, she is also a Dexheimer Leader Habit Coach for the Leader Certificate Program. Aimee's efforts have been honored with the University's President's Team Award in 2014, the Hooyboer Outstanding Professional Staff Member Award in 2018, and part of the President’s Citations for the Covid-19 Task Force in 2020.


  • Bachelor of Science, Oregon State University