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Brian Adams

Pamplin School of Business, Professor

Brian Adams



Franz Hall 425

Title IX Responsible Employee

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Brian Adams is a Professor of Finance at the University of Portland's Pamplin School of Business. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon, his M.B.A. from the University of Portland, and his Ph.D. from Arizona State University. His career goals are to produce relevant academic research and provide students with the resources to succeed in pursuit of their life goals. The focus of his research is in the area of financial markets and the role of financial institutions in improving market efficiency. To date, he has published in accounting and finance journals in the topics of international finance, security regulation, pension accounting, insider trading ethics and analyst coverage. His favorite course to teach are Financial Markets & Institutions and Applied Portfolio Management.  Beyond the classroom, his role as the academic advisor to the University of Portland's Investment Association allows him the unique opportunity of helping students gain practical knowledge in the field finance.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Arizona State University, Tempe
  • Master of Business Admin., University of Portland
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Oregon

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