University of Portland

Corey Pressman

School of Nursing & Health Innovations, Instructor

Corey Pressman



Buckley Center 301

Title IX Responsible Employee

Title IX Responsible Employees are required to report Title IX information to the Title IX Office. See our resources page for more information.


Corey Pressman, MA, CTP, CCFP, is an Instructor in the Integrative Health and Wellness program at the University of Portland, School of Nursing and Health Innovations. Instructor Pressman completed his Compassion Fatigue Progessional and Trauma Professional certifications with The International Association of Trauma Professionals in 2020. He earned a Master's Degree in Anthropology  at Washington State University in 1993. He joined the faculty of University of Portland in 2020. Instructor Pressman is a practicing emotional wellness coach. He has published stories and poetry and is an award-winning visual artist as well as a member/owner of the Waterstone Gallery. Instructor Pressman is also an active Fellow of Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination. His research interests focus in the intersection of creativity, stress management, and wellness. 


  • MA, Anthropology, WashingtoStatUniversity, 1993
  • BA, Anthropology, SUNOnconta, 1991

Recent Publications

  • Pressman,CoreyS. “Post-Book Paratext: Designing for Haptic Harmony.” Examining ParatextualTheory and its Applications in Digital Culture, edited by Nadine Desrochers (Universityé deMontréal, Canada) and Daniel Apollon (University of Bergen, Norway), IGI Global, 2014
  • Pressman,CoreyS."Divided Light." The Weight of Light, edited by Joey Eschrich, Ed Finn, and RuthWylie, Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State University, March 2019.
  • Pressman,CoreyS. “Decay.” Clackamas Literary Review 2019