David Turnbloom

Theology, Associate Professor

David Turnbloom



Buckley Center 437

Title IX Responsible Employee

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David Farina Turnbloom has taught at the University of Portland since 2015. He specializes in Liturgical/Sacramental Theology with a special focus on the relationship between worship rituals and ethics. David is the author of Speaking with Aquinas: A Conversation about Grace, Virtue and the Eucharist, which was published by Liturgical Press in 2017. David received a BA in theology from the University of St. Thomas (2006), an MTS from Weston Jesuit School of Theology (2008), and a PhD in Systematic Theology from Boston College (2015). He is married to Katie Turnbloom and has an adorable cat named Chloe. 


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Boston College
  • Master of Science, Weston Jesuit School of Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of St. Thomas

Courses Currently Taught

  • Introduction to Theology
  • Theologies of Christian Worship
  • Sacramental Imagination
  • Liturgy and Ethics

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