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Isabelle Soule

School of Nursing & Health Innovations, Associate Professor

Isabelle Soule



Buckley Center 301

Title IX Responsible Employee

Title IX Responsible Employees are required to report Title IX information to the Title IX Office. See our resources page for more information.


Isabelle Soulé, PhD, RN, has had the privilege of being a nurse for the past 40 years beginning in neonatal intensive care and shifting midcareer to maternal/newborn global health. When in the US, she focused on immigrant, refugee, and asylee populations. When abroad, Dr. Soule worked in women’s health and nursing education. Her research interests are in the development of cultural humility and the intersection of art and well-being. She is a practicing ceramic artist and her work at the potter’s wheel often mirrors my work in global health - at times responsive and smooth, sometimes lumpy and off-balance, with valuable lessons in reciprocity, interconnection, and humility.  


  • PhD, Oregon Health & Science University, Research: Exploring Cultural Competence: The Emerging Picture
  • MN, Oregon Health & Science University
  • BSN, Walla Walla College


  • Collaborative for International Studies and Global Outreach (CISGO), University of Portland, Portland, OR, USA -$1,000 to develop a pre-departure course, in country immersion in Rwanda, East Africa, and re-entry support anddissemination.
  • Dundon Berchtold Institute, University of Portland, Portland, OR, USA –$10,000 divided equally among two faculty and two student scholars to examine the meaning of the body through the arts

Professional Affiliations

  • 2017-current, Immigrant Nurse Credentialing Program Advisory Board

Recent Publications

  • Soulé, I. (2016). Flexible and Responsive: Applying the wisdom of “it depends”. In W. Rosa (Ed) Nurses as leaders: Evolutionary visions of leadership. Springer
  • Dunn, A. & Soulé, I. (2016). Cultural Considerations for Pediatric PrimaryCare. Sixth Edition, Elsevier