University of Portland

Lars Larson PhD

English, Associate Professor

Lars Larson PhD



Dundon-Berchtold Hall 103

Title IX Responsible Employee

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Dr. Larson is Chair of English and teaches twentieth-century U.S. literature for its connections with mobility, space, history, and power. His courses include ENG 112 Thinking through Literature: Mobility & Words in the World, American Lit. Survey II, Film and Lit., Northwest Lit., and City Life in American Lit. He has given recent presentations on deep time, wonder, spatial field guides, pedagogy, and material ruins, and is a longtime member of the Western Literature Association. Dr. Larson concentrated on American studies and literature as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania and earned his Ph.D. in English at UCLA. A 2014 Teaching Fulbright in 2014 (Mysore, South India) expanded his focus beyond America, toward India. Read his publications.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, UCLA
  • Master of Arts, UCLA
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania