University of Portland

Laurie Dizney PhD

Biology, Assistant Professor

Laurie Dizney PhD



Swindells Hall 108

Title IX Responsible Employee

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After earning her PhD at Portland State University, Dr. Dizney spent three years as a National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Utah School of Medicine and Department of Biology. She studies the effect of anthropogenic (human-caused) disturbance on terrestrial ecosystems, in particular the role it plays in mammalian abundance and behavior, species diversity, pathogen prevalence, and the interconnections among them. Additionally, she examines the ability of ecological restoration to address long-term anthropogenic disturbance. Her integrative research uses organisms ranging from animals to plants to microbes, as well as tools from animal behavior, mammalogy, population ecology, conservation biology, restoration ecology, and public health. Dr. Dizney teaches Introduction to Evolution and Ecology (Bio 208/278) and Conservation Biology.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Portland State University
  • Master of Science, Portland State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Portland State University