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Common Data Set

Category: Institutional Data FAQs

What data can I find in the Common Data Set (CDS)?

CDS data is available for every academic year going back to 2002.  The pdf files are sorted into the following sections:

A) Basic institutional profile information

B) Enrollment and Persistence (undergraduate and graduate enrollment, enrollment by race/ethnicity, degrees awarded, Four and six year graduation rates, 1st year retention rate)

C) Freshman Admission (applications, admittances, admissions requirements, SAT and high school GPA)

D) Transfer Admission (applications, admittances, admissions requirements)

E) Academic Offerings and Policies

F) Student Life (out-of-state residents, activities offered)

G) Annual Expenses (cost of attendance)

H) Financial Aid (aid awarded to enrolled undergraduates)

I) Faculty and Class Size (faculty headcount, student to faculty ratio, class size)

J) Degrees Conferred (degrees awarded by major)