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Carpool Application

The carpooling program was created to encourage a reduction in single occupancy vehicles coming to campus. Parking is limited and there are reserved spaces designated for carpool parking.

In the greater Portland area is an option for the campus community to connect with single ridesharing or fulltime carpooling opportunities.

Carpool Permits

Premium carpool spaces are available in the main parking lot, near the Clark Library and Franz Hall reserved year-round for carpool permit holders. Two or more members of the University community living outside of the University Park Neighborhood (outside a one mile radius), and owning their own separate vehicle may obtain a carpool permit. Carpool members may park in the spaces reserved for carpooling or in any general permit parking area.

Carpooling for Students

When signing up for a carpool permit each applicant must present vehicle registration, proof of insurance, two (2) items showing proof of address (i.e. utility bill), and a valid driver’s license. The applicants must live outside the University Park Neighborhood (outside a one mile radius). Only one of the registered vehicles may be on campus at any one time. Both applicants must come in at the same time to apply for a permit. All carpool participants must be current members of the University community. If a carpool permit holder does not have the permit in their possession, they must purchase a Student Temporary Permit for $5.00 a day.

Carpooling for Faculty and Staff

Faculty/staff members who participate in the carpool program are allowed to park in designated carpool spaces on campus in addition to general parking spaces. Faculty/staff members who choose to participate in the carpool program must forfeit their faculty/staff parking permits in order to receive a carpool permit. The carpool permit must be properly displayed on the dashboard or hanging from the rearview mirror.