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Our Six Key Themes

The six themes of the strategic plan are all rooted in the University’s Catholic, Holy Cross charism and support the University’s mission of Teaching and Learning; Faith and Formation; Service and Leadership. Each theme features both a set of tactics, and a long-range aspirational goal for the University to pursue.


Theme 1: Focus on engaged learning and experiential education grounded in ethics.

University of Portland is committed to offering excellent, relevant academic programs that prepare students for lives of meaning and purpose.



Theme 2: Embrace and renew our Catholic identity and Holy Cross charism to grow and enhance the University of Portland community, foster faith formation, and promote holistic community health.

University of Portland is committed to fostering a vibrant, welcoming community in which all participants feel a sense of belonging and have the opportunity to explore their faith.



Theme 3: Committed to the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching, the University community will strengthen its efforts in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, justice (DEIJ), and access.

University of Portland is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, because this work is critical to both its mission and its belief in human dignity in all people.



Theme 4: Optimize student enrollment and support student success outcomes across the University.

University of Portland is committed to sustainable enrollment management, so that it can flourish as a Catholic teaching institution with an emphasis on community.



Theme 5: Enhance and expand our human, physical, and financial resources.

Consistent with its Catholic identity, University of Portland is committed to optimizing the use of its resources to ensure institutional effectiveness, promote staff and faculty well-being, and enhance UP’s standing as an employer of choice.



Theme 6: Expand and communicate the ways in which the University’s Catholic mission and identity animate its students and alumni to make a meaningful impact on the world.

University of Portland is committed to the belief that, through education, research, and service, its students, staff, faculty, and alumni can serve as a force for good locally, nationally, and globally.


Download the University of Portland Strategic Plan for a full overview of our goals and vision.