Beckman Humor Project

Our Why Theology Needs Schitt's Creek program has been rescheduled! 

Join us Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 5pm Pacific time
with this Zoom link:


What is the Beckman Humor Project?

John and Patricia Beckman had an audacious idea: harness the power of humor to transform the world! And tap into the capacious imaginations and talents of the University of Portland to treat humor as “a communal energy, a creative way to puncture arrogance and outwit violence.”

And so the Beckman Humor Project was born, a living force. What can it offer our bruised, blessed world?

Speakers, concerts, exhibitions, performances, graphic novels, stand-up, research… if it can be imagined, if it can scrape a bit of crud off the world by making someone laugh, it can find a home in the Beckman Humor Project.

For the 2020-21 academic year, our events will be held as live Zoom webinars, and recorded for later viewing on our website. Visit our Events page for more information. 

Click on slideshow photos below for info on upcoming events, student projects, event podcasts and more... Our enjoy our archives of podcasts from previous Beckman Humor events