University of Portland

Maye Henning

Political Science, Assistant Professor

Maye Henning



Buckley Center 436

Title IX Responsible Employee

Title IX Responsible Employees are required to report Title IX information to the Title IX Office. See our resources page for more information.

Professor Maye Henning joined the University of Portland in 2022, having completed her PhD at Johns Hopkins University and BA at the University of Connecticut. Her teaching and research focus broadly on American Politics, with specialization in race and ethnic politics, American Political Development, and public law. She is currently working on a book project based on her dissertation research on US citizenship laws and American empire in the 20th century. This research is supported by a grant from the Dirksen Congressional Research Center. At the University of Portland, Professor Henning is committed to providing opportunities for learning and engagement with local politics and is currently on the leadership of the All in Democracy Challenge. In her free time, she enjoys baking, hiking, watching college basketball, and spending time with her cat, Pavarotti.