Statement of Inclusion

At the University of Portland, a Catholic University guided by the
Congregation of Holy Cross, all dimensions of our communal life — teaching
and learning, faith and formation, and service and leadership — are informed
and transformed by prayer, scripture, and the Christian tradition. Our belief in
the inherent dignity of each person is founded upon the social teaching of the
Catholic Church. At the center of that teaching is the fundamental mandate
that every person, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
social or economic class, age, or disability shall be treated with respect and

Moreover, we seek to create and sustain an inclusive environment where all
people are welcomed as children of God and valued as full members of our
community. We condemn harassment of every kind, and assert that no one in
our community should be subject to physical or verbal harassment or abuse.
Further, no one shall be denied access to programs, services, and activities for
any unlawful reason. We provide all who live, learn, and work at the University
the opportunity to actively participate in a vibrant, diverse, intellectual
community that offers a broad range of ideas and perspectives, so that we
may all learn from one another.

This statement was adopted by the Board of Regents on May 13, 2011.