Facilities Planning & Construction

The Office of Facilities Planning and Construction is responsible for the management of planning, design, and construction at the University of Portland and capital improvement services to all departments within the University community. From a small renovation in an existing facility to constructing an entire new building, we strive to provide sustainable, accessible, and cost effective space planning for our faculty, staff, and students to teach, work, live, and study.

The mission of the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction is to manage the design, implementation, and construction of sustainable, accessible, and cost effective facilities for University of Portland students, staff, and faculty and to foster the best possible environment for: teaching and learning; faith and formation; and service and leadership. We incorporate new concepts while preserving the University’s traditions and past. 

The department seeks to accomplish this by providing timely and efficient professional services in a fiscally sound manner throughout all phases of project development. We further strive to insure that each design for a new or renovated facility provides a safe and accessible environment for the public while complying with state and federal codes and regulations.