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About Holy Cross

For over a century, Congregation of Holy Cross priests and brothers have served at the University of Portland to carry out the vision of its founder, Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C., educating the hearts and minds of students. In every endeavor at the University, the congregation is helping to shape faithful citizens who will go forth from the University to inspire, lead, and improve the world. Through its own ministries and through partnerships and volunteer efforts in conjunction with the University, the Congregation and University students, faculty, and staff are working together to address some of Oregon's most pressing social concerns in enhancing educational experiences and opportunities, decreasing hunger, and bridging the divide between urban and rural areas. 

The thirty priests and brothers at the University of Portland are just a fraction of the 1,670 Holy Cross priests and brothers who live and work in 15 countries on four continents. Since 1840 when the first brothers and priests were sent from France to Algeria to work in schools, the congregation has been a missionary congregation of educators. Today members of the congregation of Holy Cross still serve primarily in high schools, colleges, and universities (including the University of Portland, University of Notre Dame, Stonehill College, King's College, and St. Edwards University). They also work as parish priests and in ministries among the poor.