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Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Survivor Support




The University of Portland is committed to fostering a community in which all members feel respected and safe. Harassment and violence have no place at the University, and will not be tolerated.

We recognize that a culture of respect and safety requires that each one of us — students, staff, faculty,and administrators — do our part to create a welcoming community, prevent harm, and support those who have been harmed.






Sometimes, even with our best efforts, harm still happens. It is important to be prepared to support our friends, neighbors, classmates, and colleagues who have experienced harm. Here are a few of the resources on campus for those who have experienced gendered and sexual violence

Confidential Advocates for survivor resources

Title IX





Having a safe and healthy community requires each of us to have each other’s back. We work hard to prevent harm from happening to each other on campus. If you see something, say something! Find out how.





We are Pilots! We can create a campus community where everyone can learn, grow, and create lifelong relationships together. And, maintaining a strong Community Culture at UP takes everyone working together to share their strengths, have fun, and reach out to each other with care and compassion.

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