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How to Apply

  1. Familiarize yourself with the position(s) - Carefully read the Position Descriptions of the student leadership positions for which you are applying. You may want to meet with student(s) who currently hold the position you are interested in. Check out the Student Leadership Directory for students currently involved. You will also want to visit specific departmental websites to learn more about the offices. 
  2. Choose two (2) references- For some positions, you will need to provide the name and email for two (2) references when you complete your application. One reference must be from the University of Portland community (professor, supervisor, etc.) and one can be from on- or off-campus. Please talk with your references before you submit your application. The reference form will be sent to them automatically during the application process via the email addresses you list. Please note: students, friends, roommates, etc. should not be listed as references for this application. 
  3. Complete the application - You may apply for up to three (3) positions with only one application! The application includes applicant information, a personal statement, and position specific questions. Some positions may also require you to submit a resume. 
  4. Complete the Hire Touch application- Some positions require an additional application. To view which positions require the Hire Touch application please go to the available positions page.
  5. Follow-up with your references - Please make sure your references have received the reference form via email and that they are aware of the reference form due date. It is your responsibility to ensure that your references complete this piece of the application on your behalf.
  6. Interview - If necessary, you will be invited in for an interview with the sponsoring departments. Check out the Other Resources page for interview tips.

**If you are applying for the Peer Wellness Education position please apply here