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Parking at the University

Do I need a parking permit to park on campus?

A valid permit must be properly registered and displayed in accordance with the University of Portland parking regulations. Parking permits are required for every vehicle coming to the University of Portland Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm. Permits may be obtained from the Department of Public Safety.

Students, faculty, and staff must show a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration when obtaining their parking permit.  You may complete this form and bring it with you, or obtain a copy at the Public Safety office.

The University of Portland may revoke a parking permit or refuse to issue a parking permit with out prior notice. Parking Permits may be revoked, denied, or not renewed for nonpayment of parking fines, multiple violations, or obtaining a permit by false information.

The University issues several different types of parking permits. Each type of permit authorizes the holder to park only in specified parking areas. Parking permits are non-transferable. Types of permits and authorized parking areas are as follows:

"A" Permit

Issued to vehicles that are authorized to park in "S," "carpool," and reserved.

Parking in the Waldschmidt lot is prohibited.

"B" Permit

Bon Appétit employee parking permits restricted to "S" parking.

"S" Permit

Issued to students. Authorizes parking in any legal, non-reserved, non-carpool parking space on campus.

"FE" Permit

Issued to faculty/staff for general parking only. Parking in carpool and reserved is prohibited

"CP" Permit

Issued to carpool members. Carpool parking is located in designated areas of the main parking lot, and on the main drive between the Pilot House and Waldschmidt Hall (green curbs).

"W" Permit

Authorizes parking in Waldschmidt Hall Lot or any area authorized by a "G" permit holder.

"WR" Permit

Authorizes parking in "reserved parking" in the Waldschmidt Hall parking lot or any area authorized by "A" permits.


Disabled parking spaces are to be used only by vehicles prominently displaying appropriate identification as described in ORS 811.602. A copy of this statute is available at the Department of Public Safety. Drivers without a disabled parking permit may be cited for stopping or blocking a disabled parking space which includes the striped spaces adjacent to the disabled space.

What does it cost to purchase a parking permit?

Academic Year Student "S" Permit $150.00

Semester Student "S" Permit $75.00

Grad/Non-mat $75.00

Approved Freshman Exemption $150.00

Carpool Permit No Charge

Faculty/Staff Permit  No Charge

Daily Student Permit $5.00 (ea.)

Purchase of a parking permit down not guarantee parking availability and the University does not grant refunds on parking permits purchased.

May I park in the neighborhood to avoid purchasing a permit?

Students, faculty, staff members, and University service employees (i.e. Barnes & Noble, Bon Appetit) may not park between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on school days in 2 designated neighborhood "no parking" sanctuaries as follows: 1) north of Willamette Blvd. and south of N. Princeton Street between N. Olin Avenue and N. Wall Avenue and 2) N. Warren Street and N. Willamette Lane between N. Monteith Avenue and N. Wall Avenue. (See Neighborhood Parking Enforcement Map)

Members of the University of Portland community who live within these two areas should register their vehicles (at no charge) with the Department of Public Safety to avoid being issued a citation for violation of University parking policy. Except for freshman, parking is permitted on city streets west of the main UP campus between N. Portsmouth Avenue and N. McKenna Avenue.


I don't feel I deserved this citation, what can I do?

Any parking or traffic citation issued by University public safety officers may be appealed through the University's traffic appeals board if done within fourteen (14) calendar days after issuance of the citation. A written notice of appeal must be filed through the Department of Public Safety before the appeals board will hear the appeal.  The appeal board meets once a month, and appealed citation are considered on hold until reviewed by the board.

UP Alert Emergency Broadcast System

What is UP Alert?

UP Alert is a service for quickly delivering emergency phone, text, and e-mail messages to University of Portland students, faculty, and staff. The service will be activated when there are immediate threats to the safety of those in the university community. Notification will be sent via landline and cell phones, text messages, and e-mail. UP Alert complements other forms of emergency notification, such as the university web site (, intranet portal (PilotsUP) and bulletins to local media. Messages are identified by the title "UPAlert."

Who decides when an emergency warrants sending out a UP Alert?

Generally, Public Safety, the Core Emergency Response Team (CORE), and University officers will send the notifications. The system will only be used for emergencies that pose an immediate danger to the University community, including acts of violence, natural disasters (earthquake, flood, tornado, and fire), hazardous materials incidents, or severe weather.

How do I sign up to receive emergency alerts?

Log into the PilotsUP portal and update your UPAlert profile by entering information into the 'Enter UP Alert Info' portlet located on the main University community page.

How do I change my emergency phone numbers or e-mail?

Log into the PilotsUP portal and update your UPAlert profile by entering information into the 'Enter UP Alert Info' portlet located on the main University community page.

Can I decline to receive emergency messages?

Yes. However, carefully consider whether you want to forgo receiving any notification in the event of a potential threat to your safety. To decline receipt of emergency notifications, please visit the Office of Public Safety.