Andrew Lafrenz | University of Portland

Andrew Lafrenz

Associate Professor, School of Nursing

Andrew Lafrenz Andrew Lafrenz is excited to return to The Bluff after serving as a professor of kinesiology and public health at Concordia University – Portland. After receiving a B.S. in biology from UP he travelled across the country to complete a M.S. in integrative physiology from the University of Georgia. He also competed in cross-country and track for both the Pilots and the Georgia Bulldogs. After serving as a biology lecturer at UP, he received a M.P.H. in epidemiology and a Ph.D. in public health from Oregon State University. Upon graduation, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in epidemiology with the CDC. During that fellowship, he worked with the Wyoming Department of Health analyzing maternal and child health data related to obesity, physical activity, and nutrition. His work in translational epidemiology for the state of Wyoming produced a widely praised report and infographics. Andrew also served as the nutrition education coordinator for the award winning 3 to Ph.D. program, a partnership between Faubion Elementary and Concordia University. Andrew’s research focuses on behavioral epidemiology, health behavior, and health promotion related to obesity, physical activity, and nutrition across the lifespan. He also serves as an epidemiologist and disease investigator on the Columbia County Public Health COVID-19 response team. Andrew resides with his family and spends his free time fishing, surfing, and as a ski instructor on Mt. Hood.