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Faculty Profiles


photo of Amelia Ahern-Rindell

Amelia Ahern-Rindell Associate Professor of Biology

"I believe one of the best learning opportunities a student can have is participating in research as an undergraduate. It is one of the highest impact pedagogies we can use as educators. It helps them grow in self-confidence and teaches them to face and to overcome adversity."

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Photo of Naveen Gudigantala

Naveen Gudigantala Associate Professor of Business

"I hope to impart real skills to students so they can make a positive difference in the companies for whom they work."

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Min Yu photo

Min Yu Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management

"My collaborators and I recently constructed a supply chain optimization model to assist disaster-prone regions."

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Photo of Edward Valente

Edward Valente Professor of Chemistry

"My current research focus is investigating the structural chemistry of a class of bifunctional organic compounds."

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Photo of Eric Anctil

Eric Anctil Associate Professor of Education

"I am exploring how technology is affecting our relationships to each other, as well as the things we do."

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Photo of Nicole Ralston

Nicole Ralston Assistant Professor of Education

"As an experienced classroom teacher, research coordinator, and instructional coach, I relish the opportunity to support our district partners by providing much-needed, district-driven research that will support educational change and improvement."

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Photo of John Watzke

John Watzke Dean of the School of Education

"The School of Education is an educational resource for the region. "

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Photo of Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy Professor of Civil Engineering

"As part of a summer research program, students traveled with me to Honduras to investigate sustainable water supply and sanitation."

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Photo of Matthew Kuhn

Matthew Kuhn Professor of Civil Engineering

"I want to better understand the mechanics that underlie the behavior of seemingly ordinary materials."

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photo of Mark Eifler

Mark Eifler Associate Professor of History

"Students often think they know history because they’ve memorized facts. I want them to approach history differently, to think about the reasons why things happened, not just a chronology of what happened. History is trying to figure out a puzzle—it’s never finished."

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International Languages & Cultures

Photo of Maria Echenique

Maria Echenique, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Spanish

"My aim is to introduce students to fresh perspectives so as to trigger their curiosity and to enhance their global understanding."

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Photo of Laura McLary

Laura McLary Professor of German Studies

"I'd like to develop a shared vocabulary about student learning in a global and intercultural context."

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Photo of Heidi Senior

Heidi Senior Reference & Instruction Librarian

"I hope to help students gain an appreciation of the wealth of resources they have access to."

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photo of hannah

Hannah Callender Highlander Associate Professor of Mathematics

"I feel that I become more than an academic mentor. I am a mentor in life. And to be clear, I get just as much from my students as I give to them. They show me new ways of thinking. They invigorate me with their curiosity and energy. They are a constant reminder of why I do what I do."

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Photo of Lindsay Lancaster Benes

Lindsay Lancaster Benes Assistant Professor of Nursing

"Pragmatic trials take place in actual health care systems rather than in controlled research settings, such as traditional clinical trials."

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Amber Vermeesch photo

Amber Vermeesch Associate Professor of Nursing

"In addition to being difference makers, we are educating difference makers who will change the world for the better."

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Political Science 

Photo of Bill Curtis

Bill Curtis Professor of Political Science

"I try to challenge my students to think critically about why they believe what they believe."

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Psychological Services 

Photo of Andrew Downs

Andrew Downs Professor of Psychological Sciences

"The way we approach mental health is a clear social justice issue — and one we largely ignore as a society."

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photo of Mark Pitzer

Mark Pitzer Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences

"For the past two decades I've worked to better understand diseases that destroy the brain."

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photo of michael cameron

Michael Cameron Professor of Theology

"I want to help students hone the inner discipline needed to make the right choices in their lives and aspire to practice love and justice within a coherent view of the cosmos and the self, in a way that rises above the tyranny of the next immediate distraction demanding their attention."

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