Katya Hall

Instructor, International Languages and Cultures

Katya HallKatya Hall was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. Before following her passion for languages, cultures, and teaching, Katya studied dentistry. During her B.A. in applied linguistics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, she studied German and French. Katya’s knowledge of German allowed her to earn a paid internship in the International School of Stuttgart in Germany. In 2000 she earned a double M.A. in teaching English to students of other languages and in foreign languages: Spanish from Portland State University. Building off her experience in dental school, Katya acquired a certificate in health care interpreting from the Institute of Health Professionals. She is finishing her doctorate in Spanish applied linguistics at Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain with the dissertation topic "Greco-Latin Morphological Vocabulary Strategies into the Spanish Healthcare Curriculum." Katya has taught for over fifteen years abroad and locally. In Ecuador, she worked for the Fulbright Commission as an English as a foreign language teacher and at the Pontifical Catholic University as a legal translation instructor. Previously, she was the lead instructor and curricular developer for the Spanish Healthcare program at Pacific University in the College of Health Professions. When not teaching or researching, Katya enjoys singing and dancing with her family.