Mary Stevenson

Instructor, School of Nursing 

Mary StevensonMary Stevenson graduated from Skidmore College in 1979, and first practiced nursing in pediatrics at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. Mary then worked in San Diego and San Francisco where she graduated from UCSF as a pediatric nurse practitioner (P.N.P.) in well child ambulatory care. Her first P.N.P. position was in the Northern California Sickle Cell Center at SF General Hospital where it was “as real as it gets.” Mary moved to Portland in 1991 and has been an adjunct faculty member at UP for nine years. Prior to joining UP, she worked at Linfield College and in a variety of clinical settings, including elder, pediatric, and mobile care. Mary loves working with students. She is inspired by the immense growth that students undertake while in a clinical setting and believes that students have the power to be leaders in their communities and place of work. Mary was presented the Carly J. Hansen Distinguished Clinical Instructor Award in 2017. She cares deeply about giving back to those people and institutions in her community. Mary has been an active volunteer at The International School and the Madeleine Parish in Portland. She currently volunteers for SMART, is on the Fundraising Committee at Jesuit Volunteer Corp Northwest, the Board at The Irvington Club, and loves travel, family, friendship, and rowing. Mary can often be found sculling on the Willamette in the wee hours of the morning.