Nermine Ramadan | University of Portland

Nermine Ramadan

Visiting Instructor, Mathematics

Nermine RamadanNermine Ramadan has a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering and engineering physics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In Oregon, she worked at Intel as a Senior Test/Integration Engineer, where she performed intensive thermal analysis to provide the thermal control requirements for Intel’s microprocessors. She also coordinated work group activities within and across functional areas inside and outside the Portland area. As a math and physics instructor, Nermine has taught multiple courses, including algebra, finite elements, statistics, pre-calculus, atomic physics, electromagnetism, mechanics, quantum mechanics, and physics of art and music. Nermine has served UP as a visiting instructor, worked as an adjunct physics and math instructor at Linfield University and works currently as a part-time physics instructor at Portland Community College. She believes that conveying the importance of math as an essential tool for all sciences is the first step towards success in studying math. Nermine has volunteered as a judge at different science fairs and, while in Europe, tutored math and physics in German. She believes that working and volunteering in a scientific atmosphere is a great opportunity to use one’s skills and expertise to aid students and keep connected to the world of science. Nermine is fluent in Arabic and German and likes reading, music, and crochet.