Sandra Calm

Instructor, School of Nursing

Sandra CalmA UP alumna with a M.S.N. as a clinical nurse leader and bachelor of science in organismal biology and science, Sandra Calm has worked with nursing students as an adjunct faculty member in medical-surgical, psychiatric, and community health nursing clinical settings since 2011. As an adjunct clinical instructor, Sandra provided leadership in the development of professional nursing practice with emphases on individual strengths, personal nursing theory, evidence based practice, communication, and ethics. Prior to this time, she worked as a bedside R.N. in both medical-surgical and resource float pools, focusing mostly in cardiology and neurology. Her specific healthcare-related interests include maternal mental health, chronic pain, anxiety/depression, social justice, and integrative health; as such, she is the co-founder and co-owner of an integrative wellness center focused on alleviating pain, anxiety, and depression. Her hobbies and interests include cooking, painting, and gardening with her family.