Sarah Sterner

Instructor, Mathematics

Sarah SternerBefore becoming a faculty member at University of Portland, Sarah Sterner was a graduate student and teacher of mathematics and statistics at Portland State University. She recently graduated with a M.S. in mathematics for teachers and is currently working on a M.S. in statistics. Sarah takes a special interest in using statistics as a means to teach social justice and finds particular value in using the life sciences as a context to teach math and statistics. Sarah strives to create a hands-on environment of fun, trust, and collaboration in the classroom. She accomplishes this by creating a close working relationship with each and every student and encourages a sense of connection between classmates. Most importantly, Sarah recognizes the necessity of student self-confidence in learning mathematics and statistics. To this end, she facilitates student success by fostering a safe and fun classroom environment where students feel comfortable participating, making mistakes, and asking questions. In addition to teaching, Sarah intends to participate in math and statistics educational research and is currently working on a book for instructors that will guide educators in the creation of readily implementable curricula for mathematical and statistical instruction within a social justice context. When not in the classroom, she enjoys playing most team sports, riding scooters, gardening, reading, and being in the outdoors with her family and dogs.