Stephanie Sideras

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing 

Stephanie SiderasBefore coming to the University of Portland, Stephanie Sideras worked at Oregon Health and Science University to provide simulation learning activities and engage in educational research. She received both her baccalaureate and master’s degrees in nursing from St. Louis University. During this period, she worked in a variety of critical care settings: medical, surgical, cardiovascular, neurological, post-surgical recovery, and briefly as a flight nurse. Her Ph.D. was awarded in 2008 from Oregon Health and Science University and since that time she has been immersed in education and research. Stephanie’s experience in simulation is wide ranging, varying from large group simulations such as the Hearing Voices simulation, which provides participants the lived experience of a patient with auditory hallucinations, to simulations focused on the individual, using either actors or manikins as patients. Her research interests are also varied, addressing topics of clinical reasoning development, acquisition of competence, to development of professional attitudes and values. Stephanie is passionate about the use of simulation in nursing education. She is a certified simulation healthcare educator. In her off hours, Stephanie enjoys skiing in the winter, walking and paddle boarding in the summer, knitting in the evening, and listening to her cat purr all seasons.