2021 New Faculty Profiles | University of Portland

2021 New Faculty Profiles

Air Force ROTC

Maj Nicholas Cowan, M.A.

Maj Nicholas Cowan, M.A. Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC

"Major Cowan is responsible for basic military training and mentorship of eighty cadets preparing to commission into the U.S. Air Force. "

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Capt. Alyssa Heimerman, B.A.

Capt. Alyssa Heimerman, B.A. Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC

" I am excited to live in the Pacific Northwest for the first time and to have the opportunity to teach and mentor future Air and Space Force leaders. "

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Maj. Maribel Ortega de Pacheco , M.B.A.

Maj. Maribel Ortega de Pacheco , M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Military Science, Army ROTC

"Major Ortega is currently serving as XO/AO for the 141 Brigade Support Battalion under the 41st Brigade Combat Team in Portland. "

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M.S.G. Daniel Ramirez

M.S.G. Daniel Ramirez Senior Military Instructor, Army ROTC

"M.S.G. Ramirez’s past leadership positions have ranged from Team Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Scout Platoon Sergeant, Ranger Instructor, Operations Sergeant, and First Sergeant. "

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Capt. Nicholas Taylor, B.S.

Capt. Nicholas Taylor, B.S. Assistant Professor of Military Science, Army ROTC

"I’m thoroughly grateful to be a member of this team, and look forward to the opportunity to teach, mentor, and guide the future leaders of the Army. "

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Daniel Osborne, Ph.D.

Daniel Osborne, Ph.D. Instructor, Chemistry

"As Hugh of St. Victor said, I believe you should learn everything you possibly can, and later you will discover that none of it was superfluous. "

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Environmental Studies

Kali Abel

Kali Abel, M.S. Visiting Instructor, Environmental Studies

"My aim is to expose students to science and policy as not something done by only a select few individuals, but a pursuit for anyone who expresses curiosity, makes observations, and thinks critically. "

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Neil Oculi, Ph.D.

Neil Oculi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

"I am strongly motivated as an instructor to connect global issues with local realities by engaging the public about environmental and social problems. "

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Ethnic Studies

Amy Ongiri, Ph.D.

Amy Ongiri, Ph.D. Professor, Ethnic Studies

"I believe ethnic studies widen the lens of academic inquiry and allows us to see the world in all of its fullness and complexity. "

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Performing and Fine Arts

Andrew (Andy) Christensen, M.F.A.

Andrew (Andy) Christensen, M.F.A. Visiting Instructor, Theater

"Andy Christensen is a fiercely curious artist-educator who specializes in emergent forms of immersive and site-informed theatre that explore the intersection of place and time. "

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Pamplin School of Business

Michael DeVaughn, Ph.D.

Michael DeVaughn, Ph.D. Dean, Pamplin School of Business

"I am thrilled that I get the opportunity to help shape the next generation of UP trained business leaders who are poised to address important issues that rest at the intersection of business and society."

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Naga Vemprala, Ph.D.

Naga Vemprala, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Pamplin School of Business

"I am a firm believer that teaching is an art form in which there is no right or wrong approach as long as the instructor and student are actively exchanging knowledge. "

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School of Nursing

David Fuentes, Pharm.D.

David Fuentes, Pharm.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Nursing

"In my roles as an academic leader, I value a dynamic use of various leadership strategies and tools as an area of strength. "

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Margaret (Meg) Goddard, D.N.P.

Margaret (Meg) Goddard, D.N.P. Instructor, School of Nursing

"I want to share my knowledge with my students, motivating and inspiring the next generation of nurses. "

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Rebecca (Becky) Kunz, M.S.

Rebecca (Becky) Kunz, M.S. Visiting Instructor, School of Nursing

"We are facing a huge human capital crisis and equitable healthcare is at the top of my list. My aim is to support and develop nursing educators because we cannot afford not to. "

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Chloé Littzen, Ph.D.

Chloé Littzen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

"I believe nursing is an act of justice. It’s time to harness our collective potential to enhance the well-being of all."

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Oluwatoyin (Toyin) Olukotun, Ph.D.

Oluwatoyin (Toyin) Olukotun, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

"It is my pedagogical value and belief that effective learning is most achievable in an atmosphere of mutual connection between a teacher and the students; where students can engage in learning with their individual uniqueness. "

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Michele Renninger, M.S.M.S.

Michele Renninger, M.S.M.S. Instructor, School of Nursing

"I believe my core responsibility as a nursing educator is to uncover the student’s frame and promote all elements of safe nursing practice. "

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