Faith Curammeng, M.A. | University of Portland

Faith Curammeng, M.A.

Instructor, Communication Studies

Faith Curammeng

Faith M. Curammeng moved to the lower 48 from her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, in search of academic adventures. She received a B.A. in communication arts and a B.A. in media broadcast from George Fox University. She earned her M.A. in communication from Pepperdine University. Within the realm of communication studies, her areas of interest include intercultural, media, and nonverbal communication. Faith has taught at George Fox University and Portland Community College. Before becoming a formal educator, Faith spent nearly a decade working in the media, including in television news, commercial production, and radio promotions. When not teaching or grading, you may find Faith enjoying hiking, running in kilometers, refereeing soccer, eating vegan desserts, drinking tea, watching Star Trek, sitting in silence, and appreciating alliteration.