Steven Libby, Ph.D. | University of Portland

Steven Libby, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Shiley School of Engineering

Steven Libby

Before coming to University of Portland, Steven Libby worked as an instructor at Portland State University for 6 years. he is an active researcher in the field of programming languages, with a specialization in functional logic programming. He has published in conferences and journals in fields ranging from compiler development and optimization to theorem proving to evaluation strategies. Steven completed his master’s degree and doctorate at Portland State University, and bachelor’s degree at George Fox University. He has worked at Intel and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the areas of compiler optimization and applied graph theory. His research is centered around building an optimizing compiler for the functional logic language Curry. Curry combines the functional and logic paradigms into a single language. Building an optimizing compiler for it is a unique challenge and results in a language that's easy to use, but still efficient to solve hard problems. Steven also has a strong interest in associative technology for blind and visually impaired users, and how to incorporate programming language technology to improve the performance of screen readers. Outside of academics, Steven enjoys board games with friends, running, and swimming. He can be found outside running around Forest Park or the waterfront and is looking to run his second marathon sometime in the near future.