Joy Moceri, D.N.P. | University of Portland

Joy Moceri, D.N.P.

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing & Health Innovations

Joy Moceri

Joy Moceri completed her B.S.N. with a minor in Spanish at the University of Portland in 2010. During her eight years as a registered nurse in a metropolitan emergency room, she pursued a doctorate in nursing practice, seeking an autonomous role as a provider with a focus on primary prevention. She obtained her D.N.P. at University of Portland in 2019, with her doctoral project focusing on the effect of mindfulness on blood pressure, resulting in a published article in the Journal for Nurse Practitioners. She began her role as a paneled primary care provider just prior to the onset of the COVID pandemic. During this time, Joy was inspired by how necessity sparked overdue innovations, specifically, the widespread adoption of telehealth. The experience of practicing in both emergency and primary care settings sparked a passion for healthcare reform and the pursuit of new delivery models supporting a higher standard of patient-centered care. Joy is invested in the advancement of N.P. practice, and a member of the Nurse Practitioners of Oregon. She sits on the board of the Oregon Nurses Foundation and is involved in the scholarship committee to help support the development of future nurses. In her free time, she enjoys perfecting her homemade biscotti recipe, hiking in the beautiful northwest, knitting, doing yoga, playing pickleball, and going on culinary adventures with her family.