Kaitlyn Piantoni, M.S.N. | University of Portland

Kaitlyn Piantoni, M.S.N.

Instructor, School of Nursing & Health Innovations

Kaitlyn Piantoni

Kaitlyn Piantoni joins the faculty of University of Portland as a master’s-prepared nurse educator. Kaitlyn is a graduate of University of Portland and is excited to return to the Bluff. Her goal is to cultivate students that become safe and effective nurses. Additionally, she hopes to develop a spirit of learning in her students and to foster an atmosphere of curiosity. Kaitlyn has experienced multiple different specialties in her time working as a nurse. She found a specialty that truly spoke to her in her work as a hospice case manager. She loved the collaboration with the interdisciplinary team and the significant amount of patient and family education. When she took a step back and looked at her career, she found that she always gravitated towards education. She decided to pursue an M.S.N. in education. Over the last year, she worked with nursing students at Central Oregon Community College and loved their enthusiasm for learning. Kaitlyn and her family decided to move back to Portland from central Oregon and are happy to be back. In her spare time, Kaitlyn enjoys summertime activities like scuba diving, hiking, and gardening fruits and vegetables. In the winter, you can find her in a nice chair with a good book.