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Lizhong Hao

Lizhong HaoAssociate Professor of Accounting

"My passion for Accounting was inspired by my first job as an entry-level accountant in a small consumer loan company in Cleveland. I fell in love with accounting because it is very structured. Debits always equal credits, and the balance sheet has to be balanced. I am interested in examining how accounting information plays a role in major finance and capital market events such as initial public offerings (IPO), and how new information technology and innovation such as eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) impacts accounting and financial reporting.

I am currently working with my colleague Dr. Cecilia Lin on the impact of new blockchain technology on the timeliness and transparency of financial reporting. In addition, I have been working on a project with a colleague in China on the association between heterogeneity of signed CPAs and internal control effectiveness and audit quality.

I use my scholarly research findings to explain certain topics in teaching. For example, when teaching BUS 312 Cost Accounting, I share my research on internal audit quality, auditor independence, and new accounting information technology such as blockchain, hoping to inspire students with interest in different areas of accounting practice.

It is always fascinating to work with students on academic research; they are creative, curious, and energetic. I work closely with them on every aspect of research from developing ideas, theory and hypothesis, to data analysis. Together, we brainstorm a research idea that is interesting to them and has significant contribution, conduct a comprehensive literature review on the topic and on how to design the research, and write up a proposal."

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