Jane Scott

Jane ScottLibrarian

“Librarianship is a helping profession that connects users with the information they need through library provided tools, promotes critical thinking about information gathering and evaluation, and explores the ethics and legality of information use. Librarians are also teachers who have the privilege of assisting others in their learning through teachable moments that take place at the research desk, in the classroom, and in one-to-one consultations. I have often thought librarians act much like bridges, assisting the user with an information need, allowing them to get to where they desire to go.

Being a librarian is my third career, after having worked in the private sector and the nonprofit sector. In all my careers, finding key information was always the path to success. So, after raising my family, I wanted to return to my earliest role as a teacher and a learner by becoming a librarian.

The research projects I have undertaken while at UP are in service to students, either by addressing their questions or examining how the library serves them. I am currently working on a research project with a retired nursing faculty member to ascertain the predominant statistics used in nursing research. Nursing students must learn to interpret research statistics to determine a study’s worth in improving patient outcomes. Our study replicates a study published 20 years ago but offers current information to assist nursing faculty members who are teaching undergraduate nursing students.

I am also working on a research project with a library colleague analyzing the library’s information literacy instruction program. The goal is to assist the library in analyzing this program’s reach across the curriculum and provide a statistical snapshot of its outcomes.

What I enjoy most about working at UP is the people. I especially enjoy working with the students. Watching them grow in their knowledge and capabilities is inspiring and motivating. Likewise, learning with colleagues while completing projects or writing for publications has been challenging, edifying, and exciting.”

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