Jordy Wolfand | University of Portland

Jordy Wolfand

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering


wolfand-vertical.jpg“My research focus is water resources management—primarily urban water systems and stormwater. I was inspired to study water resources in large part because I grew up near the Chesapeake Bay and have always loved the environment and water. I fell into environmental engineering in college by chance and haven’t looked back. 

Right now, I have three primary research projects that are all different but integrated by the common thread of managing water more sustainably for both people and the environment, especially given the effects of human development and climate change. One project assesses the tradeoffs between flow reductions and ecosystems in the Los Angeles River watershed. The second investigates the occurrence of microplastics in stormwater in Portland and the potential for green infrastructure solutions. The third is about developing a risk framework for water suppliers in Oregon. I also have some ongoing collaborations with other Shiley faculty related to engineering education and pedagogy, particularly in the first year of our engineering curriculum.  

I try to incorporate approaches and findings from my research into my courses. But I am also passionate about undergraduate research and encourage all our students to try it. This semester I am advising five students on four different projects. My work is either computational or a combination of field/laboratory work, so students have different roles, depending on the project. I want our students to be able to experience both the challenge and satisfaction of doing scientific research.

I love working with our students, as both a teacher and mentor! I also love that I get to do both teaching and research. Both afford creativity, albeit in different ways, so if I feel stuck on one thing there is something new to create. I have the flexibility to solve problems I’m interested in and with people I enjoy working with. And my classroom is another type of lab: I can experiment and try new things daily.”

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