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Kate Regan Faculty Development Fund

PLEASE NOTE: There is no application cycle for 2017-18. Application will open for 2018-2019 at a later date.

The Kate Regan Faculty Development Fund for Junior Faculty in the Humanities was established by a generous donor to support junior faculty in the humanities (English, history, international languages and cultures, performing and fine arts, philosophy, and theology) whose teaching and scholarship encompass international and intercultural topics. The grant was established in memory of Kate Regan, who was a tireless advocate for junior faculty. 

Each year, one grant for $10,000 will be rewarded to one junior faculty member in the humanities to support an internationally focused research project that contributes to the internationalization of the University of Portland by incorporating international perspectives into teaching or curricular development. The grant may be used as a stipend and to pay for international travel for research or scholarly collaboration with colleagues in other countries beyond the USA. Any portion of the grant used as a stipend will be subject to deduction of fringe benefits.

Selection Criteria

The research and teaching grant will be rewarded to one applicant whose outstanding proposal:

  • Demonstrates a deep and growing knowledge of the research topic;
  • Provides a clear plan for peer-reviewed dissemination and in public gatherings at UP;
  • Makes clear, creative, and affective use of the University of Portland Global and Intercultural Learning Outcomes in the proposed course and/or curricular development; and
  • Demonstrates that this project will contribute significantly to increasing international and intercultural awareness at UP (e.g., its applicability to teaching and course development)


(Please note: these dates are for a previous cycle and are for reference only) Application materials, including a letter of support, are due March 1, 2016. The executive committee of Intl. Studies and Global Outreach Collaborative will receive proposals and announce a grant recipient by April 1, 2016. The grant must be used in one fiscal year, beginning July 1st, 2016

Application Materials

Qualified applicants will submit the following materials electronically in PDF-format to CISGO (a website will be established for submission once the next cycle is announced).

1. A narrative statement (no more than five pages, double spaced) describing how the applicant plans to use the award, e.g., research, travel, study, and/or writing. The narrative statement will also clearly and specifically articulate how this project will support the development of intercultural and international content and connections in the applicant's teaching at UP, including the use of t he University of Portland Global and Intercultural Learning Outcomes. The narrative will also include a timeline for the project. 

2. A curriculum vitae with relevant teaching and research information, including courses taught at UP and internationally in the past three years.

3. An itemized budget for all expense related to the project, including salary and travel expenses or other direct expenses necessary to complete the project.

4. Evidence, such as a brief email exchange, that the applicant has notified the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences that she or he will be applying for this grant.

5. Evidence, such as a brief email exchange, that the applicant has spoken with his or her department chair and that the department chair agrees that applying for this grant is consistent with the applicant's scholarship and teaching plan. 

6. One letter of support from the applicant's international collaborator or senior colleague that specifically addresses the quality and significance of the applicant's proposed project. The letter writer can send his or her signed letter directly to CISGO.

7. Each of the documents submitted by the applicant shall be labeled as follows:

             1. narrative_krfacdev_lastname.pdf

             2. cv_krfacdev_lastmane.pdf

             3. budget_krfacdev_lastname.pdf

             4. emails_krfacdev_lastname.pdf

Please direct any questions to Eduardo Contreras, chair for international studies and global outreach collaborative: 503.943.7857