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Fall 2022


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Summer 2022


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Winter 2022


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Portland Magazine Fall 2021

Fall 2021



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Summer 2021


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Portland Magazine Fall 2020

Fall 2020

This issue features "The Truth About Alonzo" by Walidah Imarisha about the efforts by Taylor Stewart '18 to memorialize an Oregon man killed by lynching more than 100 years ago; "Don't Sit Down Now That You've Come This Far" by timone davis about not losing hope; "Encounter" by Simonmary Aihiokhai about the Martyrs of Uganda icon in Shipstad Hall's chapel; and "Meet the Martins" by Jessica Murphy Moo about a student-faculty research project on the Franz River Campus.

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Portland Magazine Summer 2020

Summer 2020

This issue features "If You Build It..." by Marcus Covert about constructing UP's baseball stadium; "The Dream Is Intact" by Jessica Murphy Moo about Fedele Bauccio '64, '66 MBA and his belief that food can change the world; "Math at Home (for Grandpa Gabe)" by math professor Stephanie Anne Salomone on teaching math to her sons during the COVID lockdown; "Paying Attention to My Neighbors" by  D.L. Mayfield; and a collection of three essays about nursing, "On Ethical Leadership" by Jennifer Graves;  "A Reminder" by Sallie Tisdale; and "Why Bother With Wilderness?" by Nina Ramsey.

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Winter 2020 cover

Winter 2020

This issue features "Home and Free" about a life-changing experience in Olympic National Park by Rosette Royale; "The Clinic the House Built" about a new partnership with UP's School of Nursing, Volunteers of America Oregon, and the Blanchet House by Amanda Waldroupe; "'Affordable' Affordable" about Rob Justus '87 and his drive to built truly affordable housing by Marcus Covert '93, '97; "At the Root" about history, language, family memory and horseradishes by Fr. Patrick Hannon, CSC; and "Bedside with Mr. Lopez" about the School of Nursing's new Simulated Health Center by Jessica Murphy Moo.

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Fall 2019 Cover

Fall 2019

Features: Digging Toward Questions about UP's summer archeology research program in Mallorca by Jessica Murphy Moo; I Hope I Can Make You Understand What It Is Like to Be at War Forever, the story of Salvadoran grandmother Tomasa, as told to Maria Echenique and Karen Eifler; Listening to America, lessons learned by Nathan R. Sherfinski '05 when he worked the White House Comments Line; Margin Notes, Shannon Mayer's musings on the merits of writing in the margins; and Introducing Dundon-Berchtold Hall, a look at UP's newest academic building.

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Summer 2019 cover

Summer 2019

Features: J.H. Carroll Jr., We Remember You, by Eileen Bjorkman; Revlon, 280 Bubbly, by Katherine Gamble '19; And Yet, by Philip Metres; Three Pilots, One Stage, by Katelyn Best; and Think Big, Think New—profiles of five Entrepreneur Scholars on the occasion of the program's 20th anniversary.

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Portland Magazine cover winter 2019

Winter 2019

Walter Thompson-Hernández '09 on writing about underrepresented communities; Jessica Murphy Moo on UP's first North Portland Civil Rights Immersion; Karen Eifler on Blessed Basil Moreau; Katie Hughes '02 on Girls Build and the importance of teaching girls the trades; and Tara Prestholdt on her sabattical—on motorcycle—from Portland to the southern tip of South America and the tide pools visited and lessons learned along the way.

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child's hands holding a bug by Kelly DuFort '00

Spring 2017

A tribute to editor Brian Doyle by John Soisson; articles and essays by Michael Connolly, Catherine O'Connell Cahill, Kathleen Dean Moore, Todd Schwartz, and Fr. Tom Hosinski, CSC; a photo essay by Steve Hambuchen; and illustrations by Joseph R. Tomelerri.

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Stained glass of the Bell Tower by Renee Straube

Winter 2016

Articles and essays by Brian Doyle, Chris Anderson, Steve Duin, Robert Michael Pyle, Dan Branch, Chelsea Wood, James W. Burke, Todd Schwartz, Tim Gillespie, and Emily Harris.

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Abraham Lincoln on Mount Rushmore/Getty Images

Autumn 2016

Articles and essays by Laila Lalami, Michael Schmitt, Brian Doyle, Dale Recinella, Jeremiah O'Hagan, and Erin White.

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Surfboards on the beach by Mary Miller Doyle

Summer 2016

University of Portland's quarterly magazine with essays and articles by Brian Doyle, David James Duncan, Martin Flanagan, Fr. Kevin Grove, C.S.C., Sallie Tisdale '83, and Madison Bowman, and a photo essay by Brian Lanker.

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Young Saint Francis by Matthew Adelberg

Spring 2016

University of Portland's quarterly magazine with articles and essays by Timothy Egan, Hob Osterlund, Daniel Etter, Brian Doyle, Patrick Madden, and Heather Dillon; with a profile on UP alumnus Kunal Nayyar '03 by Laurie Kelley.

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Talavera Virgin of Enlightenment by Sandra Silberzweig, of Toronto, Canada.

Winter 2015

Articles and essays by Cornel West, Ian Frazier, Karen Eifler, Sarah Weiger, Marc Covert, and Brian Doyle; with a photo essay by Adam Guggenheim.

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Autumn leaves painting by Dave Mensing

Autumn 2015

University of Portland's quarterly magazine with articles and essays by Brian Doyle, James Mattis, Pico Iyer, Dave Devine, and Martin Flanagan, and a photo essay by Adam Guggenheim.


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Child with head bowed by Rachel Roscoe Lindberg '96

Summer 2015

Essays and articles by Brian Doyle, Clare Scheer, Mel Livatino, Brad Myers, and Father LeRoy Clementich, C.S.C.

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Underwater by M Swiet Productions/Getty Images

Spring 2015

University of Portland's quarterly magazine featuring articles and essays by Brian Doyle ("First Day" and "The Angle of Mursey"), Dave Devine ("Flying"), Paul Myers ("No More!"), Elisabetta Pique ("Francis"), Anne Fadiman ("Under Water"), and Elizabeth Samet ("Unconditional Surrender").

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God is Love by Norman LaLiberte

Winter 2014

Winter 2014 edition of University of Portland's magazine with features by Heather King, Alice McDermott, Brian Doyle, and Jen Crow, and photo essays by Adam Guggenheim and Steve Hambuchen.

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Football player from historic Pilot football program

Autumn 2014

Essays and articles by Matt Sabo ("Pilot Football"), Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber ("The Pursuit of Happiness"), David Mattox ("Fish Camp"), Renee Schafer Horton ("In the Dark"), and Chris Sperry ("My Life in Pro Baseball").

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Painting of birds by Norman LaLiberte

Summer 2014

Celebrating the close of the RISE Campaign, plus "The Christ-Bearer" by Christopher Hoke, "A Circle of Light" by Pico Iyer, and "Brown" by Tadeu Velloso '14.

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Fr. Bill Beauchamp, CSC

Spring 2014

Articles and essays by David James Duncan '04 Hon., Mia Kennel and Michael Casey, Yahia Lababidi, Brian Doyle, George Venn, and Marc Covert '93.

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Photo of a girl by Fritz Leitke

Winter 2013

Articles and essays by Brian Doyle, Dave Kenagy, Michael Andrews, Chris Dombrowski, Chris Dombrowski, and Ana Callan.

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Dalai Lama and a child

Autumn 2013

Articles and essays by Jose Velazco and Jeff Kennel, Brian Doyle, Dan Wieden, Steve Hambuchen, Dennis O'Meara, and Fr. Mark Ghyselinck, CSC.

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Child in front of a blackboard

Summer 2013

Articles and essays by Jeremiah O'Hagan, Steve Hambuchen, Julie H. Case, Fr. Henry Pelletan, Karen Eifler, Ed Langlois, and Victoria McDonough.

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George Watson '42

Spring 2013

Articles and essays by Tricia Gates Brown, Chris Walsh, John Roscoe '94, Lawrence Hudetz, Brian Doyle, Steve Hambuchen, Ana Maria Spagna, Jim Forest, Joena Buchholz '67, Robin Cody, and Chris Sperry '89.

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Vegetable sculptures by Mary Miller Doyle

Winter 2012

Michael Pollan on the decline of cooking, Pico Iyer on the savory aspects of not eating, Bob Pyle on Northwest ales, Ana Maria Spagna on elk steaks, chats with food visionaries Fedele Bauccio ’64 and Matt Domingo ’02, and a lovely spread of photographs of the men and women and children in Oregon who grow and make the University’s food.

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Laysan albatross by Hob Osterlund

Autumn 2012

Articles and essays by Lawrence Hudetz, Elizabeth Samet, Brian Doyle, Katie O'Reilly, Heather King, and Robin Cody. 

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The Gathering, by unknown artist

Summer 2012

Featuring "Paper Cranes," by Betsy Johnson-Miller; Jeff Kennel's nursing clinicals photo essay; "To Lead Out," by Fr. Tom Doyle, C.S.C.; notes and photos about the Holy Cross brothers who have served the University of Portland; "Doubts & Wonders," by Thomas Lynch; and "Levitating the Cat," by Laura Oliver.

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Ostrich fern unfolding by Tim Lyons

Spring 2012

Articles and essays by Gail Wells, Julie H. Case, Nina Ramsey, Ursula K. Le Guin, Lindsey Kinnear, Fr. Pat Hannon, C.S.C., Marla Salmon, Louis Masson, Matt Elerding, and Brian Doyle.

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Mandolin byLawrence Smart

Winter 2011

Articles and essays by Connor Doe '00, Todd Koesel, OCSO, Robin Cody, Brian Doyle, Kirsten Rian, Hank Lentfer, Pico Iyer, and Joseph Erceg '55.

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Fr. Philip McDevitt

Autumn 2011

Articles by Brian Doyle ("The Late Mr. Bin Laden"); Dave Devine ("Villanous"); Fr. Charlie Gordon, C.S.C. ("Why I am a Priest"); and Ana Maria Spagna ("Don't Forget"); as well as a photo-essay by Steve Scardina ("Saint Andre").

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Child holding a grasshopper

Summer 2011

Articles and essays by Edward Hoagland on blindness, Karen Eifler on teaching, Brad Myers '03 on life in a bookstore in Paris, Barry Lopez on our fractured relationship with nature, Brian Doyle on our obligations to today's children, Caroline Kurtz on Sudanese women, and Stephen Martin on rosaries.

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Ginger flower

Spring 2011

Featuring "The Thaw" by Brian Doyle; "Things Seen & Unseen" by Lawrence Cunningham; "The Hope of a Trail" by Rick Bass; art from Hawaii's Blackburn Collection; "We" by Heidi Naylor; "How to be a Sister" by Eileen Garvin; and "WonderLand" by Todd Schwartz.

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Bird soaring through the sky

Winter 2010

The RISE Campaign issue with articles and essays by Martin Flanagan, Louis Masson, Levon Biss, Kathleen Dean Moore, John Daniel, Nathan Haskell '10, Anita Lehmann, Pico Iyer, Heather King, Christine Fundak Rohan, Jerry Hart, Michael McClafferty '94, Brian Doyle, and Jeanine Hill.

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