Steering Committee and Subcommittees | University of Portland

Steering Committee and Subcommittees

The following individuals serve as members of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee:

  • Herbert Medina, Ph.D. (Co-Chair), Acting President & Provost
  • Eric Barger (Co-Chair), Vice President for Financial Affairs
  • Eduardo Contreras, Ed.D., Associate Provost for International Education, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Michael DeVaughn, Ph.D., Dean of the Pamplin School of Business
  • Father John Donato, C.S.C., Ed.D., Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Amy Eaton, Associate Vice President for Development
  • Father Jim Gallagher, C.S.C., Director of Campus Ministry
  • Brenda Greiner, Director of the Shepard Academic Resource Center
  • Karina Handeland, Senior Associate Athletic Director
  • Cara Hersh, Ph.D. Academic Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Science and Associate Professor of English
  • Elise Moentmann, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of History
  • Casey Shillam, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Nursing
  • Tammy VanDeGrift, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering
  • John Watzke, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Education

Six Subcoommittees have been formed, each with responsibility for a theme included in the strategic plan working document.

  • Theme 1 (Academics): Casey Shillam (Co-Chair), Tammy VanDeGrift (Co-Chair), Andrew Guest, Alison Knoedler, Hannah Monti, Chivo Ou, Connor Progin, Jacqueline Van Hoomissen, Jose Velazco
  • Theme 2 (Community): Father Jim Gallagher, C.S.C. (Co-Chair), John Watzke (Co-Chair), Marie Hashimoto, Michael Hauger, Stephanie Pollard, Rachel Wheeler (Subcommittee membership not yet complete)
  • Theme 3 (Students): Michael DeVaughn (Co-Chair), Father John Donato, C.S.C. (Co-Chair) (Subcommittee membership not yet complete)
  • Theme 4 (Impact): Karina Handeland (Co-Chair), Cara Hersh (Co-Chair), Gina Amato Yazzolino, Tim Arifdjanov, Amy Cavanaugh, David DeLyser, Jim Etzel, George Tasouris
  • Theme 5 (Resources): Amy Eaton (Co-Chair), Elise Moentmann (Co-Chair), Jennie Cambier, Joe Cates, Molly Craft-Johnson, Brian Dezzani, Molly Hiro, David Hobbs, Dana Lopez, Robin Michell, James Peña, Valerie Peterson, Christina Prucha, Jose Velazco
  • Theme 6 (Diversity): Eduardo Contreras (Co-Chair), Brenda Greiner (Co-Chair), Xan Arch, Louisa Egan Brad, Cassy Esparza, Vanessa Gonzalez, Meghan Ho, Sal Orara, James Peña (Subcommittee membership not yet complete)