First-Year Jump Start

Want to get a jump-start on your college courses? During both summer sessions, the University of Portland offers introductory-level courses for incoming first-year students. Many of these courses fulfill University core requirements. Some examples of courses that may be offered include:

CHM 105 - Chemistry in Art
ENG 107 - College Writing
ENG 112 - Thinking Through Literature
ENV 182 - Introduction to Oceanography
ENV 182 - Environmental Science
GRM 105/207 - Accelerated Elementary and Intermediate German
MTH 121 - Calculus for Business and Social Science Majors
MTH 141 - Finite Mathematics
MTH 161 - Elementary Statistics
PHL 150 - Introductory Philosophy
PHY 163 - Astronomy
PSY 101 - General Psychology
SPN 105/205 - Accelerated Beginning and Intermediate Spanish

THE 105 - Introduction to Theology

Important Note for First-Year Students Interested in Summer School

To qualify for summer admission, incoming first-year students need to be accepted to the University. Incoming first-year students registering for summer must register as "non-matriculating" students and maintain their admission date in the fall so as not to jeopardize their financial aid. Most types of financial aid cannot be applied to summer school. However, summer tuition is discounted in comparison to tuition during the academic year.