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Contact Us

For general inquiries about Summer Session:

Office of the Associate Provost

If you're an entering freshman:

Brenda Greiner
Director, Shepard Academic Resource Center 

For specific course information:

School/Department Contact Email Phone
CAS - Biology Ami Ahern-Rindell, Chair  503.943.7123
CAS - Chemistry Steven Mayer, Chair  503.943.7123
CAS - Communication Studies Bohn Lattin, Chair  503.943.7166
CAS - English Lars Larson, Chair  503.943.7228
CAS - Environmental Science Norah Martin, Chair  503.943.8342
CAS - History Christin Hancock, Chair  503.943.7274
CAS - International Languages Matthew Warshawsky, Chair  503.943.8342
CAS - Mathematics Stephanie Salomone, Chair  503.943.7166
CAS - Performing & Fine Arts David De Lyser, Chair 503.943.7228
CAS - Philosophy Caery Evangelist, Chair 503.943.7223
CAS - Physics Shannon Mayer, Chair  503.943.7123
CAS - Political Science Bill Curtis, Chair  503.943.7274
CAS - Psychological Sciences Deana Julka, Chair  503.943.7223
CAS - Social Work Alice Gates, Chair  503.943.7223
CAS - Sociology Alice Gates, Chair  503.943.7223
CAS - Theology Christina Astorga, Chair  503.943.7274
Pamplin School of Business  Lisa Reed, Associate Dean  503.943.8030
Shiley School of Engineering Lindsay Chelton, Program Counselor   503.943.7180
School of Nursing Elisa Majors, Program Counselor   503.943.7187
School of Education - undergraduate courses Annie Cole, Academic Program Specialist  503.943.8124
School of Education - MAT and MA HESA courses Christopher Greene, Assistant Program Specialist   503.943.8534
School of Education - EdD, MA, MEd, Post Baccalaureate and Post Master’s Certificate courses Anne Rasmussen, Graduate Program Specialist   503.943.8257